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2021 Season Registration

Registration for 2021 has closed. There may be a couple spots available though. Please email Joel Woppert for availability.

Volunteers Requirements for the 2021 Season

Each family is required to volunteer 4 hours towards the program.  Upcoming opportunities for volunteer hours include working the chains and concessions stand during home games, or Equipment Turn In at the end of the year.

Please Note:  Concessions volunteers are only needed for our home games.  No need to volunteer for games on the road.  Also, we recommend you do not volunteer to help with concessions during time slots when your son’s game is scheduled (we want you to watch your son play and cheer for his team.)  As such, we recommend volunteering for shifts either before or after your son’s scheduled game.  Please contact Lou Sanicola if you have any questions or need to sign up manually.

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Junior Football Program and your hours are very much appreciated!!

"USA Football Rookie Tackle" for 5th & 6th Grade

Our league has decided to implement "USA Football Rookie Tackle" for 5th and 6th grade.  Rookie Tackle is a small scaled tackle football game designed to be an introduction into tackle football for new players and a bridge into tackle football for players with experience in flag football.  The main advantages are a smaller field of only 40 yards with only 8 players instead of 11.  In addition, coaches will be on the field to assist with play calling and provide more in game coaching and teaching.  All kids will be able to play any position. Also roster sizes will be limited to about 12 kids so all players will have meaningful play time and the opportunity to learn and improve.  The game should be faster paced than normal 5th and 6th grade games with more plays and activity.

Our league's Rookie Tackle rules will be posted when finalized!

Game Schedules

Will be posted in August.

League Rules